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Face to Face with Todd Edwards
Guest: Santiago Caballero

"Born and raised in Miami, Santiago Caballero was able to discover dance music at a young age. A musical passion turned to a life's obsession while studying in Boston, where he was a resident at various clubs around the city.

Yet, only upon his return to Miami did the obsession find its true purpose and direction. As one of the founders of Slap & Tickle, Caballero helped turn a small underground dance party into the Miami New Time's Best Weekly Party 2014.

Although always a DJ at heart, recently, Caballero has turned his attention to music production, with remixes of Dude Skywalker and Legs Benedict having being released in the last few months. Originals are also close to being released. With an EP in the final stages, and with various bootlegs and edits ready to be shared, Caballero's name will be one to keep an eye on."

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