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Meet Ruckus Roboticus - a collector and creator of fun, funky, feel-good sounds and quite possibly the most famous DJ you've never heard of.

Born and raised in the obscure yet famous city of Dayton, Ohio – he was instilled with the city’s creative spirit, D.I.Y. grit, and FUNK POWER. Full of energy and imagination – he has been playing with quirky sounds and “going out of business" since 1998.

While Ruckus is not yet a household name, his music has aired on TV and Radio worldwide, and he’s performed all over the globe, often times sharing the stage with very well known artists. He’s won a few awards, remixed some awesome bands, and received some noteworthy critical acclaim.
Now based in L.A. - he works an unassuming day job at a major record label- and by night he makes music for trailers, plays shows, and continues to create and release his own left-field, funky feel-good jams.
Later this year will see the release of his new single "Be All Right" featuring Induce; as well as his 2nd full-length album "Phantom Of The Disco".

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