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Since opening in June 2007, Sneaker Junkies has been a driving force behind Rhode Island's streetwear and limited edition fashion scene, and is becoming synonymous with innovative dressing and highly evolved personal style.


The looks and brands carried by Sneaker Junkies are freshly unique and always fashion forward, making it a vital resource for fashion and sneaker junkies.


Sneaker Junkies carries established and emerging brands that are usually not available in shopping malls and department stores.

290 Thayer St
Providence, RI 2906
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  • Rick

    So I walk into the this store see some fresh sneaker on the shelf. Mind you this is not my first time at sneaker junkies I always com buy and spend a lot of money but this specific day I was looking for a tan pair of sneakers so anyways I tell the guy get me a 8.5 and bag it up cause that’s my size and I like the sneakers no problem copped a shirt to go with it. As the guy was bringing the sneakers out I noticed he is picking the bottom of them while he was putting them in the box I didn’t pay no mind to it. Took them home didn’t touch them for a few days as I had an event a few days latter. Day comes am excited to put this fresh sneakers on and I noticed a huge huge black stain on the bottom of them. I also notice some stains on the strap. I was really disappointed as this sneakers looked to be used. I didn’t not wear the shoes at all I wanted to exchange them because I don’t want to pay 140 for a pair of used sneakers. So end up taking them back a few days latter 4-5 days tops. I explain to the guy what happened he looks at me like am lien and like I was the one that use the sneaker dirty them and now want to exchange them for the exact same pair. I felt insulted that he would not exchange the sneakers as they where sold to me used. He refused to exchange them and acused me of wearing them. I have no other reason why I wanted to return the sneakers I never asked for money back just a new pair of sneaker because that’s what I paid for, NEW PAIR. The point of the story please check any sneakers you buy from here or anywhere you could be stuck wearing someone’s used shoes or sneakers which would be false advertising in this case.

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