Shoe Gypsy – Oklahoma City

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Shoe Gypsy is a group of stores that concentrate on providing customers with footwear that is rare and hard to find. The owners have joined forces to sculpt an atmosphere of fashion, comfort and classic style in each of their locations. Walk into Shoe Gypsy and immediately you’re smacked in the face with the lyrics of the Starlight Mints or Flaming Lips. Glance to the back, the focal point of the room is a comfy retro overman sofa. Paint scraped cement floors, high industrial rafter ceilings, airport seating and shag rugs set the tone for trying on your new favorite pair of shoes.


Check out Shoe Gypsy's other locations in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Fortworth, Texas.

6434 Avondale Drive
Oklahoma City, OK 73116
(405) 608-0931 / cell: (608) 370-1257
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