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Scion AV Installation">Steve Aoki “Mementos” Video Recap, Scion AV Installation

05/28/14 9:00 am

Steve Aoki met up with Scion AV All Purpose Show correspondent Slick Rick Rivera to talk about “Mementos,” his show at the Scion AV Installation space in Los Angeles, CA. “Mementos” showcased 10 years of fan-made artwork that Aoki has received over the years, from huge paintings to plush toys to simple but heartfelt drawings. Aoki told Rivera how the exhibit came together and the stories behind some of the pieces on display. He also show him th…

Scion AV All Purpose Show">Mike G of Odd Future Interview on the Scion AV All Purpose Show

02/18/14 10:21 am

Mike G of the notorious Odd Future family came by the Scion AV All Purpose Show before his performance at the Scion Open Mic series. In this extended interview, host Prince Paul gets the low down on Mike’s high school connection to OF and the ChopHouse parties that throws in Los Angeles and will hopefully be bringing to the rest of the world. Throughout it all, Mike G stays cool and laidback, as usual. Watch the full episode of the All Pu…

Scion AV Installation">7 Inspiring Auntie Em’s Kitchen Products at the Scion AV Installation

04/28/15 9:41 am

Prepare for Cook With Abandon!, a new retail experience at the Scion AV Installation space from the restaurant Auntie Em’s Kitchen, and its founder, Terri Wahl. At Cook With Abandon! customers will be able to purchase items including cheese boards, tote bags and chef knifes customized with Wahl’s art work that blends her love of cooking and rock & roll. A variety of other kitchenware will be available for sale. The opening is on May 2, 2015…

Scion AV, Young Americans Episode 6, Socializing">Vice x Scion AV, Young Americans Episode 6, Socializing

07/03/13 10:16 am

Scion AV and Vice have teamed up to create Young Americans, a web series about what the youth of the United States are thinking about and the issues that they face. Overseeing the project is director and producer Lance Bangs , who traveled the country with his camera, talking with those he came across. This episode covers how people meet, find partners and socialize in the modern era. Plenty of think pieces have typed out about how the internet…

Scion AV Open Mic">Flatbush Zombies Interview at Scion AV Open Mic

03/08/13 12:00 pm

Flatbush Zombies, the rowdy higher plane travelers, recently took over the stage at the Scion Open Mic event in their native Brooklyn. In this interview the trio tell the story about how they came together as kids and how they now measure  their success. The contest is now open to attend the next Scion AV Open Mic with Killer Mike ,  Two-9 ,  Morri$  and  DJ GetLive!  at  Public Assembly  in Brooklyn o…