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Scion Rock Show with Lecherous Gaze and Hot Lunch">Photos From Scion Rock Show with Lecherous Gaze and Hot Lunch

10/01/13 4:21 pm

Lecherous Gaze and Hot Lunch raged at the free Scion Rock Show gig at The Satellite last week. After some heavy psych courtesy of the LSDJs, these two skate rock crews out of the Bay Area blasted the crowd with some vintage sounds and pure volume. It was awesome. If you couldn’t make it to the show (get it together, dude!), check out the photos below to see what went down. Also, don’t forget to RSVP for the next Scion Rock Show on…

Scion Rock Show">ASG and From Beyond Interview by Sal Barbier, Scion Rock Show

04/09/14 9:00 am

From Beyond and ASG spoke with Sal Barbier before playing the Scion Rock Show at the Satellite in Los Angeles. Both of these Southern-bred bands are known for getting super heavy, as evidenced by the songs each of them recently released as part of the Scion AV Rock Show 7-inch series, now available for free download. To give some more background, From Beyond talked about their experiences going full analog in the studio, while ASG explained…

Scion AV Installation">Cody McElroy of Dirty Needle Embroidery Interview, Scion AV Installation

10/06/14 8:33 am

Scion AV All Purpose Show correspondent Sal Barbier visited the Scion AV Installation space to meet Cody McElroy of Dirty Needle Embroidery to get a tour of the “Sewn to the Bone” show that ran earlier this year. A one-man company based out of Reno, Nevada, Dirty Needle Embroidery is all about bringing back the dying art of hand-sewn patches. Watch Barbier geek out on the elaborate, striking work as McElroy explains how he does it and the out…

Scion AV All-Purpose Show">Trap Star Keith Ape on the Scion AV All-Purpose Show

10/06/15 11:13 am

…on the Scion AV All-Purpose Show. The South Korean rapper, along with his friend Ben on translation duty, sits in with hosts Prince Paul and DJ PForREAL to discuss his journey so far. Ape details how he first got into rap music, but then explains that he likes to think of his style as regionally agnostic—influenced by different hip-hop scenes throughout the US. In doing so, he’s come up his own distinct approach, but that didn’t stop he from get…

Scion xD Interactive Brochure Features Artists Anna Taratiel, Best Coast, Plastic Flesh, and More">Scion xD Interactive Brochure Features Artists Anna Taratiel, Best Coast, Plastic Flesh, and More

10/29/12 9:00 am

…that collaborates with talented artists to showcase the features of Scion’s vehicle lineup. Control an xD through a world designed by Anna Taratiel, or get lost in the short stories, visualized by Best Coast, Plastic Flesh and Arms Race. Additional features include the likes of Sandy Kim, Jeff Lamm, Employed Lloyd and Mackie Osborne. Check out the entire Scion xD Interactive Brochure at….