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Scion AV All Purpose Show">Kembe X Interviewed by Prince Paul, Scion AV All Purpose Show

11/11/14 10:30 am

Kembe X came by the Scion AV All Purpose Show for an extended interview with host Prince Paul. The Chicago rapper who just turned 20 is low-key presence, but he’s powerful on record, as you can hear on the recently released Scion AV Presents: Kembe X EP. Kembe spoke to Paul about his writing process, his songs’ distinctive arrangements (which strangely have their roots in a guitar-playing video game) and making the video for “As I Unfold” with…

Scion AV Installation">Steve Aoki “Mementos” Video Recap, Scion AV Installation

05/28/14 9:00 am

Steve Aoki met up with Scion AV All Purpose Show correspondent Slick Rick Rivera to talk about “Mementos,” his show at the Scion AV Installation space in Los Angeles, CA. “Mementos” showcased 10 years of fan-made artwork that Aoki has received over the years, from huge paintings to plush toys to simple but heartfelt drawings. Aoki told Rivera how the exhibit came together and the stories behind some of the pieces on display. He also show him th…

Scion AV Installation">Cody McElroy of Dirty Needle Embroidery Interview, Scion AV Installation

10/06/14 8:33 am

Scion AV All Purpose Show correspondent Sal Barbier visited the Scion AV Installation space to meet Cody McElroy of Dirty Needle Embroidery to get a tour of the “Sewn to the Bone” show that ran earlier this year. A one-man company based out of Reno, Nevada, Dirty Needle Embroidery is all about bringing back the dying art of hand-sewn patches. Watch Barbier geek out on the elaborate, striking work as McElroy explains how he does it and the outla…

Scion Rock Show">From Beyond “The Fall to Earth” Download from Scion Rock Show

03/18/14 8:50 am

From Beyond recorded “The Fall to Earth,” a new song from the Scion Rock Show 7-Inch Series. “The Fall to Earth” has a suitably spacey intro before reaching a crushing descent to solid ground. From Beyond is a Texas band that played at the Scion Rock Show event in Los Angeles late last year and we expect more great things from them in 2014. Stream or download their track below…

Scion AV Installation">RSVP for CLOT Opening Reception at Scion AV Installation

09/19/13 9:00 am

CLOT will take over the Scion AV Installation space in Los Angeles starting October 5, 2013, and you can RSVP now to attend the opening night party. In this innovative show, a new, unique product lineup will go on sale each week until it closes on November 15, 2013. The introduction of each of collection will change the character of the space. Also each item will be a collaboration with a different artist, brand or crew. Some of the participant…