Mamrie Hart’s Dog Beanz is Incredibly Adorable

Comedian, actress, and Scion AV All Purpose Show star Mamrie Hart has been raking in followers with her awesome web shows You Deserve a Drink and Mametown. Another rising star is Mamrie’s dog Beanz, who has her own Instagram account with over 224,000 followers. Her account features tons of adorable snapshots of her daily life. Here are just a few reasons why we love Beanz.

1. Naptime is her favorite hobby.

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2. She loves casual Fridays. Beanz, she’s just like us!

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3. She channels her inner camel.

A photo posted by Beanz hart (@beanzhart) on

4. She accessorizes like a pro.

A photo posted by Beanz hart (@beanzhart) on

We can see why Beanz has so many fans. Her big eyes and pink tongue are so adorable, we can’t help but love her, too!

Mamrie did a recent 1 on 1 Q&A with Steve Aoki in the back of a Scion iM. Watch Mamrie pull out a few random questions in this episode of Junk in Da Trunk.

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