Cake Throwing and DJing at the Same Time, Steve Aoki Explains

Steve Aoki Explains the Biggest Misconception about DJs

When Steve Aoki recently came to the Los Angeles Auto Show, he took some time to speak with Prince Paul for an on-location episode of the Scion AV All Purpose Show. Aoki comes from a punk background, but has turned into one of the biggest DJs on the planet and one of the faces of the massive EDM movement. But as dance music has become such a global entertainment and economic juggernaut, it’s not always clear to observers both inside and outside the scene what the DJs are doing. Here Aoki talks about a big misconception about what he’s up to on stage.

Steve Aoki at LAoki Show

Back in 2014 Aoki took part in Scion x Aoki Driven, a video series that brought him around Los Angeles where he played a game of SKATE with Riley Hawk, practiced his Aoki jumps at a trampoline park, got an in-car drifting education with Ryan Tuerck, and much more. He also brought his huge collection of fan art to the “Mementos” show at the Scion AV Installation space. Check out a video visit with Aoki in his mobile recording studio.

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