Zig Zags “Giving Up The Ghost” from Baker Skateboards EP

Now’s the time to check out “Giving Up the Ghost” by Zigs Zags, the latest slammer that will be included on Scion AV Presents: The Baker Skateboards EP. The full collaboration between Baker Skateboards and Scion AV will be available for free streaming and download next week, but until then, the jams keep coming. Zig Zags have been lighting up Los Angeles for the past few years, with a self-titled album on In the Red Records in 2014 and the Slime EP last year. “Giving Up the Ghost” keeps the winning streak going with a ferocious, all-adrenaline burst that demands you take notice of this talented trio.

Last week we unleashed “End to End” by Earthless from Scion AV Presents The Baker Skateboards EP, and the collection will also feature new music from Pell, Denmark Vessey, and the Goat and the Occasional Others. The ongoing team-up between Baker and Scion AV has also seen Andrew Reynolds visit the Scion AV All Purpose Show for an interview with host Prince Paul, which several other Baker Skate Team members did as well. Also, check out this video about the trip Baker took with a Scion iA and a Scion iM up the California coast.

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