2015 Year End: Top 5 Interviews from Scion AV All Purpose Show

Prince Paul, the sonically adventurous producer and charming host of the Scion AV All Purpose Show, has interviewed some major personalities throughout 2015. As a look back, here are the Top 5 Interview of 2015 featured on Scion AV, in no particular order.

Steve Aoki

Filmed at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the ultra busy Steve Aoki came by for an extended interview. The DJ/producer/label owner gave some history on how growing up in Southern California turned him on to punk rock, skating, surfing and snowboarding. He also runs down some of the biggest misconceptions about DJing and what he does in particular.

Andrew Reynolds

Baker Skateboards founder and pro skater Andrew Reynolds visited the Scion AV All Purpose Show to tell the story of starting his company at 22 years old, and how his age at the time ensured that he didn’t overthink it. Later he gets into what works and what doesn’t when finding new talent for Baker.

Eddie Huang

Eddie Huang is known for his talents as a chef, an author, and a web TV host, but in this interview with Prince Paul he also demonstrates that he is a tremendous talker. The Human Panda shows how deep his hip-hop knowledge goes and lays out why it’s important to have multiple revenue streams.

James Franco

Prince Paul want on location for James Franco’s Scion commercial to chat with the world famous actor/writer/director/polymath. Franco goes into his history with other artistic endeavors, from painting, to making music, to poetry. He then explains how the concept of the commercial—the question of who the real James Franco is—plays with public perceptions of him.

Joey Bada$$

The young leader of Brooklyn’s Pro Era, Joey Bada$$ explains where he found the inspiration for his old school-indebted style of hip-hop. He also describes how the decision to go to a major record label versus staying independent must be made based on your personality and what you’re willing to go through.

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