Joemalia is A Utopian Society You Wish You Lived In, Just Kidding News Interview

Just Kidding News co-owners Joe Jo and Bart Kwan appeared on an episode of the Scion AV All Purpose Show, which was recently filmed at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Coming straight from the parking lot (after a quick detour to the bathroom), the two sat for an interview with host Prince Paul. It turns out Paul’s daughter is a huge fan of the Just Kidding News YouTube channel, and her insights led to most of the research and questions for this talk.

During this extended discussion, Jo and Kwan revealed that the majority of their tips for stories come from fans, and then members of the Just Kidding News crew sort through the over 2000 daily submissions. Paul also finds out about the nature of YouTube fame, news stories they’ve featured about cars, where in the world they want to eat, and the (mostly) benevolent dictatorship of Joemalia.

Also, Just Kidding News filmed an episode at the Los Angeles Auto Show with guest Steve Aoki. Be sure to check it out!

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