Do You Know About Steve Aoki’s Surf, Skate and Snow Lifstyle?

Steve Aoki is interviewed at LA Auto Show

Prince Paul rolled solo out to the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show to check out the new models from Scion and interview the ultra busy Steve Aoki on this special road trip edition of the Scion AV All Purpose Show.

Aoki is a DJ, producer and label owner who lives in Las Vegas during the few days of the year when he’s not traveling the globe. Here he talks to Paul about growing in Southern California, where he taught himself to play music like the punk bands he worshiped and live the surf, skate, snow lifestyle. He also reveals that he proudly take the Scion FR-S Aoki-mobile he designed through the streets of Las Vegas, bringing the party wherever he goes.

Aoki has a long history with Scion. Back in 2014 he took part in Scion x Aoki Driven, a video series that brought him around Los Angeles where he played a game of SKATE with Riley Hawk, practiced his Aoki jumps at a trampoline park, got an in-car drifting education with Ryan Tuerck, and much more. He also brought his huge collection of fan art to the “Mementos” show at the Scion AV Installation space.

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