Andrew Reynolds Talks Baker 4 Skate Video, Signing Riley Hawk

Esteemed guest Andrew Reynolds comes to the Scion AV All-Purpose Show for an extended interview with host Prince Paul and his son DJ PForREAL. Reynolds is a pro skater and the co-founder of Baker Skateboards. Here The Boss discusses that when he started Baker in his early twenties, he was a lot less worried that it might not work out since he felt like he had a lot less to lose.

Andrew Reynolds Frontside Flip Baker Skateboards

He also explains how his approach to skateboarding has changed as he’s gotten older, and what he has to do to make sure that his body can endure his profession. Reynolds speaks on the family vibe he tries to cultivate at Baker and the recent Scion-sponsored tour that brought the Baker Skate Team Florida to Boston, attracting hundreds of kids at each stop.

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There’s some other great collaborations between Scion and Baker on the way, so be on the lookout. For now, take a listen to Scion AV’s Northwest Blow Out EP, a selection of original music selected by Baker team member Riley Hawk.

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