Andrew Reynolds, Baker Skate Team, Wytches on Scion AV All Purpose Show

The Scion AV All-Purpose Show is here and ready to bring you great interview with guests Andrew Reynolds, the Baker Skate Team, and the Wytches. Asking all the questions are your talented host Prince Paul and his son DJ PForREAL.

Baker Skate Team 2015

First up is Baker’s Andrew Reynolds, also known as The Boss, who explains that you’ve got a lot less to loose when you start a company in your early twenties and how he finds most of the riders for Baker from natural friendships and connections. Next up, Baker Skate Team members Theotis Beasley, Bryan Herman, Dee Ostrander, Shane Heyl cram on to the couch to tell their stories of how they got down with the company. They also let you know what it takes to turn pro. Be on the lookout for videos and much more from the recent Scion-sponsored Baker tour that raged from Florida to Boston this summer. There’s some other great collaborations between Scion and Baker coming up, too.

Andrew Reynolds Frontside Flip

Next, England’s the Wytches come by and discuss their analog approach to recording. The psych rock band reveal that much of Thunder Lizard’s Reprieve, the EP of new material they recently released through Scion AV, came from more jammy excursions. As for their groupie situation, they are much less revealing.

Theotis Beasley, Bryan Herman, Dee Ostrander, Shane Heyl Interview

Also in this episode, check out a look at Joey Bada$$’s recent batch of short films made with the Scion iA and the Scion iM. There’s also a taste of Scion’s exploration of Skybound Entertainment and the original artwork some of the company’s talented artsists made featuring Scion’s two new cars.

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