Scion iM and iA in Skybound’s The Walking Dead and Thief of Thieves

Skybound Overview with The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman

Robert Kirkman welcomes Scion to give an overview of the company he founded, Skybound Entertainment. Kirkman of course is best known as the creator of The Walking Dead, the hugely successful comic book and TV show, but as he shows in this video, Skybound has been able to expand to do much more. Along with multiple comic book titles, in just five years Skybound has also been developed table-top games, video games, and their recently released first feature film, AIR, which Scion hosted the premiere party for in San Diego.

Scion iA & Thief of Thieves

Also featured in this video is some of the talent that Kirkman has brought to Skybound. There’s Lukas Ketner, the artist behind Witch Doctor, a tale that features supernatural horror. Also included is Shawn Martinbrough, the artist behind the crime caper title Thief of Thieves. Other Skybound publications include the superhero story Invincible and the paranormal Outcast, which has also been adapted for television

Scion iA & Thief of Thieves

Skybound is a young company with lots of great stuff in development, and you can plan on seeing more collaborations between Skybound and Scion in the near future. Watch a video of artist Lukas Ketner create an original image of the new Scion iM set in the world of The Walking Dead.

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