Joey Bada$$ Interviewed by Prince Paul, Scion AV All Purpose Show

Joey Bada$$, the young rap star and the center of the Pro Era movement, recently came through the Scion AV All-Purpose Show. Speaking with hosts Prince Paul and his son DJ PForREAL, Bada$$ explains how as a baby he subconsciously absorbed absorbed the sound and feel of 1990s hip-hop, which is why it’s had such an influence on his own work. He also discusses how his decision to remain independent and not work with a major label is a mostly a matter of personality—he’s the type of artist who enjoys the struggle of working on his own.

Bada$$ and Pro Era continue to build on their partnership with Scion. In recent weeks he’s starred in two short films about the standard features of the forthcoming Scion iA and Scion iM, as well as released the free, downloadable single “Aim High” (produced by Harry Fraud and the Alchemist) out now through Scion AV. There’s also the just announced, Scion-sponsored Joey Bada$$ World Domination Tour. Through Scion AV’s Twitter sweepstakes, we’re giving away two tickets to each show as it travels through the U.S. this October. We hope you win.

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