Eddie Huang & Vince Staples Get Deep in the Scion iA

We gave entrepreneur Eddie Huang the keys to a new Scion iA and had him drive around Los Angeles, picking up guests and delivering them to the taping of the Scion AV All-Purpose Show. Last on the list was Vince Staples, the deep-thinking rapper out of Long Beach.

Staples is a young dude, just barely into his twenties, and Huang uses him as a sounding board, bouncing big ideas off his brain. Staples is a young Jedi and takes things even deeper, pontificating on everyone’s own place in the universe and how it’s up to us to give back in our own way.

Eddie Huang x Vince Staples Interview

To hear what other fresh talent Huang is into, grab the free download of the Shellfish or Better EP that he curated for Scion AV.


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