Eddie Huang & Cam’ron Talk Basketball and New York in the Scion iA

Conversation in the Scion iA with Huang and Cam’ron

We recently sent entrepreneur Eddie Huang around Los Angeles in the new Scion iA to pick up folks and deliver them to the taping of the Scion AV All-Purpose Show. First up in the ride is Cam’ron, one of New York’s legendary MCs. In a car the opposite shade of Laffy Taffy, the two get deep into basketball talk, as Killa Cam explains why he’s never really been a Knicks fan and how Michael Jordan impacted the legacy of plenty of people in the league. Next up they get into why you won’t catch them taking up any of the one-on-one challenges that people throw at them. Finally, Cam talks about leaving Harlem as soon as possible so he’d have somewhere to sleep soundly at night. Check out the full video where he also picks up rapper Vince Staples, DJ/producer Prince Paul and comedian Stevie Lee.

To check out what Huang is balling out to right now, grab the free download of the Shellfish or Better EP that he put together for Scion AV.


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