Pro Era “On My Life” ft. Joey Bada$$ X Nyck Caution – Scion AV Classics

Pro Era - The Shift presented by Scion AV

Last year Scion AV and Pro Era began their partnership with the Scion AV Presents: The Shift EP, which is still available for streaming and free download. One of the project’s deepest dives is “On My Life,” a magnetic two-parter produced by Kirk Knight. In the first segment segment, Nyck Caution unloads an ambitious, rapid fire verse over a sparse, atmospheric track. In preparation for Joey Bada$$’s turn, the beat transforms into something even more mournful as the MC nails words of wisdom about living a life free from regret.

Expect more from Scion AV and Joey Bada$$, Pro Era’s point man, soon. Until then check out the video for “Hail Razor” featuring A La $ole, Dessy Hinds and CJ Fly from Scion AV Presents: The Shift.


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