10 EDM Tracks You Should Put Into Your Summer Playlist

10 EDM Track for Summer

Summer is still going strong and if you haven’t had hosted a BBQ yet, you need to get on that. And if you’re doing it, you’ve got to do it right. If you haven’t thought about what music you’re playing yet (dude, c’mon), here are 10 EDM tracks from the Scion AV archives to help you out.

Alan Braxe, “Time Machine” (Gigamesh Remix)

Get the groove going early with this remix of French Touch pioneer Alan Braxe by Gigamesh, an American producer, DJ, and pop music secret weapon.

Kap10Kurt, “Mission Complete” (Symbol One Remix)

Now you’re ready to pick up the pace with this cut pulled from a compilation done with Plant Music, some of New York’s house music heroes.

De Lux, “Move Through Your Memories”

This California duo’s first release was a Scion AV EP, and it was made memorable through awesome piano disco tracks like this one.

Treasure Fingers, “Rooftop Revival”

A glitchier, more tweaked take on disco from the Atlanta producer and DJ who is never predictable.

Ted & Francis, “Erlend” (Ted & Francis Remix)

Ted & Francis’s discography isn’t long, but in their brief time they made some soulful Euro house. Here they go deeper down the rabbit hole by remixing themselves.

Boris, “Buzz In” (Optimo Remix)

Japanese masters of intense metal get remixed by beloved Scottish DJs and re-edit master. Are you ready to see how far into outer space you can push this party?

Tommie Sunshine, “Mr. Night” feat. Polina

You’ve served the burgers by now, but are you prepared to start dropping bangers? There’s some really interesting stuff going on in this big track from the Chicago/Brooklyn veteran.

Dirty Dave, “Drowning Doubts”

Swimming With Sharks was a great daytime pool party that started in Los Angeles. To dig this funky cut pulled from Scion AV’s compilation with them you don’t need to be in the water, but afterwards you might need a towel.

Mandy Lee, “Vagabond”

Holidays always make us feel emotional.

Kid Cudi, “Day ’n’ Nite” (Crookers Remix)

Have you revisited this classic recently? It’s still awesome. Come remember why you got down with Cudi and Crookers in the first place.

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