Top 5 Hip Hop Tracks to Play at Your BBQ This Weekend

The July 4th three-day weekend is here and it’s peak BBQ season. To make sure you have your tunes covered, we went into the Scion AV archives and found the Top 5 Hip Hop Tracks to Play at Your BBQ. Get ready!

Danny Brown, “Grown Up”

Do you know who else besides Danny Brown is grown up? The United States, that’s who. Happy 239th birthday!

Black Dave, “Turkey Bacon & Smokey”

Black Dave gives you some ideas about how to get set in the morning before the party so you won’t rush what you’ve got on the grill.

Kembe X, “As I Unfold” (ft. Alex Whiley and Ab-Soul)

Here’s a twilight banger that connects Chicago and Los Angeles, getting you ready for the night’s fireworks.

Pro Era, “Hail Razor”

A creeper from the Brooklyn crew that will get your guests going, “Wait, what was that? Play it again.”

Chase N. Cashe, “I Can Do That”

It’s been a long day. Put on this jam from rapper/producer Chase N. Cashe when when you either want to wrap things up or maybe push it for another couple hours.

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