Music Video: Hot Lunch “Slappy Sunday”

Watch the Hot Lunch Video for “Slappy Sunday

Hot Lunch roll out the new video for “Slappy Sunday,” a song featured on their recent self-titled EP released through Scion AV. Befitting this skateboard-loving Northern California band, the clip is a skating and tacos epic that features some of the most heroic sombrero-wearing that you’ll see in 2015. Among the skaters featured in it are pros Shea Copper and Trevor Ward. “Slappy Sunday” also joins “Freak Fighter” by the Shrine in Scion AV’s pantheon of great skateboarding music videos.

Around the time of the release of Hot Lunch’s EP with Scion AV, we interviewed the band’s singer Eric Shea. Hot Lunch also contributed the song “Uprooted” for the Riley Hawk: Northwast Blow Out EP, the cut “There’s Nothing Like Revenge For Getting Back at People” for the Scion Rock Show single series, and “Horray For Everything” on the Scion 10 Series Music Compilation. Hot Lunch played two editions of Scion Rock Fest and the Scion Rock Show with Lecherous Gaze. Plus check out their interview with pro skater Sal Barbier.


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