7 Inspiring Auntie Em’s Kitchen Products at the Scion AV Installation

Prepare for Cook With Abandon!, a new retail experience at the Scion AV Installation space from the restaurant Auntie Em’s Kitchen, and its founder, Terri Wahl. At Cook With Abandon! customers will be able to purchase items including cheese boards, tote bags and chef knifes customized with Wahl’s art work that blends her love of cooking and rock & roll. A variety of other kitchenware will be available for sale. The opening is on May 2, 2015, and you must RSVP to attend!

Here are 7 inspiring Auntie Em’s products that will be available for sale starting May 2 at the Scion AV Installation in Los Angeles, CA.

1. Vinyl Record Dinner Plate

Auntie Em's Kitchen Vinyl Record Dinner Plate

2. Auntie Em’s Chef KnifeAuntie Em's Kitchen Chef's Knife

3. Wood Inlayed Cheese Board

Auntie Em's Kitchen Cutting Board

4. The Auntie Em’s Cookbook

Auntie Em's Kitchen Cookbook

5. Red Aunts Double LP

Auntie Em's Kitchen "Come Up For A Closer Look" Double LP Record

6. Auntie Em’s Guitar & Chicken Towel

Auntie Em's Kitchen Guitar Towel Auntie Em's Kitchen Chicken Towel

7. Auntie Em’s Tote Bag

Auntie Em's Kitchen Tote Bag Auntie Em's Kitchen Tote Bag

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