The Agenda Trade Show: Las Vegas with Lloydski, Scion AV Man on the Street

40s & Shorties, Mishka, Hall of Fame & more at Agenda Trade Show: Las Vegas

We sent Lloydski, Scion AV’s man on the street, to check out the Agenda Show in Las Vegas. In search of answers and free gear, Lloydski went into the heart of streetwear to speak with trade show newbies and veterans to find out what it is about Agenda that makes it stand out. Along the way he caught up with representatives from brands including 40s & Shorties, 1992, Mishka, Hall of Fame, Dog LTD., and Defend Brooklyn. He also connected with Cody DeBacker, the director of sales and partnerships at Agenda, who totally underplays what he does. And don’t worry, Lloydski walked away with some free hats.

Agenda Las Vegas 2015

Mishka NYC - Agenda Las Vegas 2015

Agenda Las Vegas 2015

40's & Shorties - Agenda Las Vegas 2015

Also on display at Agenda this year was Scion x Riley Hawk Skate Tour xB, which if you want checked out yet, is truly insane.

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