The Black Angels Interview, Scion AV All Purpose Show

The Scion AV All Purpose Show brings on the Black Angels to talk to host Prince Paul and DJ P.Forreal about Austin, Texas and the group’s approach to psychedelic rock. Band members Christian Bland and Alex Maas get into their hometown’s historic connection to this subgenre and what drew them too it. They also discuss the Austin Psych Fest, a major annual event that they organize. The Black Angels have been around for 10 years now, but they’ve recently seen a new wave of fans since the HBO show True Detective used their song “Young Men Dead” in the opening credits. It’s been great for the band, even if they’re not sure how it happened.

The Black Angels Interview - Scion AV All Purpose Show

The Black Angeles recently contributed the song “Waterloo Waltz” to Riley Hawk: Northwest Blow Out, the compilation EP that pro skater Riley Hawk put together for Scion AV. You can still download or stream the whole EP for free.

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