5 New Tracks from Hot Lunch Self Titled EP, Download Now!

Download Full  EP from Punk n Roll Band Hot Lunch, Presented by Scion AV

Scion AV presents Hot Lunch

The new self-titled EP from Hot Lunch is now available for streaming and free download through Scion AV, so put it in your ears and get wild. This sparky collection feature four new songs plus a cover of “Expectations” by 1990s garage poppers, the Resonars. We’ve already given you “Slappy Sunday” and skater ode “China Banks,” but now here’s the whole scruffy, shred-heavy deal.  To get some more insight behind this release, read this interview we conducted with Eric Shea, the frontman of this Bay Area band.

This Hot Lunch EP is the latest in a series of projects that the group has done with Scion AV, which includes the song “Uprooted” for the Riley Hawk: Northwast Blow Out EP, the cut “There’s Nothing Like Revenge For Getting Back at People” for the Scion Rock Show single series, and “Horray For Everything” on the Scion 10 Series Music Compilation. Hot Lunch also made new fans at two editions of Scion Rock Fest and the Scion Rock Show with Lecherous Gaze. Plus check out their interview with pro skater Sal Barbier.


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