Scion AV Classics: Harry Fraud featuring French Montana & Action Bronson “Mean”

“Mean” from Harry Fraud, with guest vocals from French Montana

Harry Fraud "High Tide" presented by Scion AV

“Mean” from Harry Fraud, with guest vocals from French Montana and Action Bronson, was released as a single through Scion AV in late in 2012 and has earned its status as a SAV Classic. Later the song appeared on producer Harry Fraud’s compilation Scion AV Presents: Harry Fraud — High Tide, a tough compilation that featured the impressive MC lineup of Tech N9ne, Earl Sweatshirt, Riff Raff, Smoke DZA, Chinx Drugz, Mistah FAB and Troy Ave.

As for “Mean” itself, it brings a slow playeristic roll up to New York City, with lots of big boy boasting from Montana and Bronson. Since the release of “Mean,” Montana has continued to solidify his star status, while Bronson continues to get attention for bringing such a unique persona to hip-hop. The Queens MC’s major label debut album will finally see its release on March 24, 2015. If for some reason you’re still not familiar with everything Bronson has already done, you might as well start here.

Watch a Scion AV All Purpose Show interview with Harry Fraud.

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