Stream: DJ Loup Rouge on Rob Swift’s Dope on Plastic Radio

DJ Loup Rouge Joins Rob Swift for “Dope on Plastic” at Scion AV Streaming Radio

DJ Loup Rouge on Rob Swift Dope on Plastic Radio

Rob Swift and his show “Dope on Plastic” return for another year at Scion AV Streaming Radio. “Dope on Plastic” is the long-running program that specializes in both exposing boundary pushing modern hip-hop and recognizing turntable classics. On this spin, Swift is joined by DJ Loup Rouge.

Like Swift, Loup Rouge is from Queens, New York and he similarly has a non-traditional take on production. As he writes about his “Dope on Plastic” mix, “We are children of the wind rose. It’s a shame that we marginalize ourselves from everything even with the music we listen to due to “boarders.” The joy of music is universal and with this mix I intend to break those barriers. Join me around the world in 60 minutes.”

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