Download Kadavar “Into the Night” from Riley Hawk: Northwest Blow Out EP

Kadavar release new track, 1 of 4 to be released

Riley Hawk - Northwest Blow Out EP - Scion AV

Check out the premiere of “Into the Night” by Kadavar, one of four new songs that will be released later this month on the new compilation Riley Hawk: Northwest Blow Out EP, presented by Scion AV. All of the included tracks from this free EP were chosen by pro skater Riley Hawk and the release is tied to the forthcoming video series Scion x Riley Hawk: Driven, which follows him and the Shep Dawgs as they hit their favorite skateparks in the Pacific Northwest.

Kadaver’s “Into the Night” is the first song on the Riley Hawk: Northwest Blow Out EP and a perfect preview of what’s to come. The Berlin, Germany-based power trio unload a heavy and classic sound that pays homage to the psychedelic hard rockers of decades past. The other Hawk favorites that will be on the EP are the Black Angels, Loom and Hot Lunch. Get ready for their blasts soon.

And if you haven’t seen it yet, catch some flashback vibes from the project car the Scion x Riley Hawk Skate Tour xB. This custom ride built by Scott Kanemura of KMA Productions integrates Hawk’s interests in ’70s style, music and skateboarding. The xB features include wood-grain décor, a mini fridge, shag carpet, an 8-track player, a big Pioneer Sound System and the ability to play a guitar through the audio system using an iPad mini as mixer. There’s also a cargo box with an INNO rack system to store skateboards.

Scion x Riley Hawk Skate Tour xB

Riley Hawk and the Shep Dawgs crew were recently interviewed by host Prince Paul on the Scion AV All Purpose Show. Expect even more from this Scion Collaboration participant in the coming months.

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