Cheech Marin Interview With Prince Paul for Scion AV All Purpose Show, Part 2

In this installment of the interview between Cheech Marin and Prince Paul for the Scion AV All Purpose Show, the two discuss the roots of the Cheech & Chong. Filmed during the Scion Music(less) Music Conference in Los Angeles, Marin explained that the history of the comedy duo was tied to music.

Cheech and Chong’s start begins during the 1960s in Vancouver, which Marin describes as the San Francisco of Canada at the time. The two might have had long hair, but they weren’t really hippies, more like street greasers. Though they began as a music act, their comedic bits were already there and they were what people immediately responded to.

After some rough experiences, Cheech and Chong headed down to Los Angeles. Marin described their experiences performing on the “chitlin’ circuit” to the city’s black audiences while simultaneously playing to white crowds during open mic nights at the Troubadour. Then he explains how they hooked about with legendary Lou Adler. Keep checking back into Scion AV this week for more insights from Marin.

Watch Todd Edwards’ studio tour from the Scion Music(less) Music Conference. New Jersey garage pioneer Todd Edwards has worked on Daft Punk’s highly anticipated Random Access Memories.

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