Olivia Jean Interview for Bathtub Love Killings at Scion AV Installation

Olivia Jean gives a tour of the “Bathtub Love Killings” exhibit and retail shop at Scion AV Installation in this segment from the latest episode of the Scion AV All Purpose Show. If you haven’t yet, check it out soon, since it’s coming down on December 5, 2014.

Correspondent Stevie Lee visits the Scion AV Installation space in Los Angeles to learn all about Olivia Jean’s new album, which shares its name with the show. The Third Man Records artist then explains the special “plum series” that the label put together for the show, featuring limited-edition singles that feature Jean playing on them. They include releases by Wanda Jackson, the Black Belles and more.

Olivia Jean "Bathtub Love Killings" at Scion AV Installation

Jean and Lee also get into how her songwriting approach has developed over the years and the types of shows he prefers to play. This interviews serves as a great companion piece to her recent visit to the All Purpose Show set, where she talked with host Prince Paul.

Jean has been doing a ton with Scion through the Scion Collaboration project and soon you’ll be able to see her next step, the Scion x Olivia Jean Driven series. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch her music video “Reminisce” from Bathtub Love Killings.

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