RSVP to Sal Barbier “BMXpert” at Scion AV Installation

Sal Barbier "BMXpert" at Scion AV Installation

Sal Barbier is teaming with Scion AV for the upcoming BMXpert show at the Scion AV Installation space in Los Angeles. Barbier has professional skateboarder and creative director/product design specialist on his résumé (as well correspondent for the Scion AV All Purpose Show), but he also was deeply into freestyle BMX riding as he grew up in Louisiana in the 1980s, and that love never disappeared. BMXpert is dedicated to celebrating this youth subculture.

BMXpert runs from September 13 to October 11, 2014 with an opening reception Saturday, September 13, 2014 at 7pm at Scion AV Installation, located at 7667 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046.

Founder of SL Barbier and a skateboarding veteran, Barbier is also responsible for commissioning the Sal 23, one of the most-revered skate shoes to date. Since then, Barbier’s artistic identity has branched out to other aspects of the design world, constructing a multitude of logos and apparel.

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