Watch Moab “Whittled Away” Music Video, Billow EP

Moab "Whittled Away" music video

“Whittled Away” from the Moab album Scion AV Presents: Billow has been ripping up our stereo system for months, but now we have a video to go with the track. Like the song itself, the clip is direct and powerful—just three dudes in black going hard in a big white room. When you got something this good, there’s no need to mess with it.

Last year Moab played the first Scion Rock Show in L.A. and they recently performed at the 2014 edition of Scion Rock Fest. Scion AV Presents: Billow is still available for free download and streaming, and they also contributed “No Soul” to the Scion Rock Show 7-inch series.

Scion AV presents Moab “Billow” EP now available for stream and download.

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