Watch Red Fang “The Meadows” Music Video

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Red Fang have a new music video for “The Meadows” from their recently released EP on Scion AV. The glutinous clip finds the hairy and hilarious metal band putting on their fancy clothes and putting away a herculean amount of food in a super slow motion. You might need to go on a cleanse just after watching it.

Red Fang released Whales and Leeches in October, with the eleven-song album quickly becoming the band’s best-selling and most critically acclaimed release to date.  Alternative Press described the album as “bigger, bolder, heavier, catchier and even more savagely fun,” Stereogum said the release “takes flight and soars,” while Magnet Magazine said Whales and Leeches “is a monumental success – a clear line from Red Fang’s earliest recordings to it latest.”

Red Fang’s two-song EP is still available to stream or free download.

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