Pro Era “Extortion” Music Video, Kirk Knight and Dyemond Lewis

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The new video for “Extortion” from the Pro Era Crew shows New York City’s late night streets turned cosmically futuristic. The song comes from one of Scion AV’s biggest releases this year, Scion AV Presents: The Shift, a free EP that’s still available for streaming and free download.

“Extortion” features verses from Pro Era members Kirk Knight, who also produced the track, and Dyemond Lewis. It’s a gritty cut, and the video finds them stalking rooftops, alleys and empty concrete playgrounds, illuminated only by road flares and mysterious static transmissions. It’s a dark look forward that happens to be going on right now.

And if you missed it, check out the interview we did a while back from the Scion AV All Purpose Show with Prince Paul and Mr. Dead.

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