Windhand Interview at Scion Rock Fest 2014, All Purpose Show

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The five members of Windhand crammed on to the couch for an interview on the Scion AV All Purpose Show during this year’s Scion Rock Fest. Host Prince Paul and Mr. Dead of the Ill Out Crew learned about the eclectic listening habits of the group and the peacekeeping role that headphones play on long van rides when one member maybe wants to check out something the others don’t. The production-minded Paul also geeks out a bit with guitarist Garrett Morris on how he achieved the super-compressed sound on the band’s albums, including last year’s breakout Soma.

More in-depth Scion Rock Fest interviews from the Scion AV All Purpose Show will be appearing on Scion AV in the coming days.

Windhand Interview - Scion Rock Fest 2014

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