The Most Important Issue Facing The Music Industry Part 2, Scion MMC 2013

The Rise of Music Festivals - Scion Music Conference

The Scion Music(less) Music Conference was created to provide help for individuals trying to evolve their careers in the music industry. The conference provides industry insights, career guidance and networking resources from some of Scion AV’s industry partners. In continuation of Part 1 of the Most Important Issue Facing Music, check out what a few others had to say at the conference.

Nathan Carson, Witch Mountain/Fall Into Darkness Festival/Nanotear Booking

The ultimate problem right now is that there are too many bands. I’d like to see a government grant that would pay bands $10,000 to break up and never reform. If it’s worth it to you to take the money, please get out of the way and quit clogging the arteries of our system!

Ilirjana Alushaj, The Pop Manifesto

My concern is more on the creative side. When one artist does something that is successful, a thousand labels jump to recreate it, trying to achieve the same heights. In the hustle to mimic, it is forgotten the whole reason for the success was originality. The music industry needs to learn that to make money they need to be more open and support artists in new ways and with new ideas, because that what works in the end.

Nicole Plantin, BMI

One issue that can’t be overlooked and that you just can’t get around is the fact that artist development no longer exists. If we are still in the business of stars, we need to develop them. If we are in the microwave business, then we will continue to sell fast food, which has a much shorter shelf life. The reality is that actual talent and authenticity are still the determinants of longevity. I think the industry is realizing that authenticity is something that can’t be duplicated and that this is what the consumer ultimately buys into. A great live show can’t be downloaded, which is why touring will remain lucrative. We are going back to putting work into the actual artist because the reality is that the quality of the product is still key.

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