Scotty ATL “Pray Alone” Feat. Killer Mike & Trouble, Download Now

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Scotty ATL "OTR2SJ" presented by Scion AV

Scotty ATL offers the free and downloadable “Pray Alone,” the first taste of his upcoming EP Scion AV Presents: OTR2SJ. As you might guess from his name, Scotty ATL is part of the new breed of rappers taking over Atlanta. His recent project F.A.I.T.H. (Forever Atlanta in the Heart) burned up his city’s streets and was named Best Mixtape of 2013 by Creative Loafing. OTR2SJ is a sample-free project and “Pray Alone” is a bombastic cut courtesy of producer DJ Burn One that features appearances from fellow Atlanta residents Killer Mike and Trouble. Get ready for more Scotty ATL and Scion AV in the coming weeks.

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