Download Moab “Billow” Full LP, New Release from Scion AV

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Moab Billow LP from Scion AV

The new album from Moab, Scion AV Presents: Billow, is now available to download for free. We’ve already shared tracks “I Concede” and “Whittled Away,” but this is the full nine-track monster. Billow is the second full-length from the Southern California trio and it is an impressive return. As Brooklyn Vegan recently wrote about “I Concede,” “It’s a big step for a band who now sound comfortable plotting their own path.”

The album follows up the band’s 2011 debut, Ab Ovo, which Decibel Magazine said conveyed “the spiritual ecstasy of making and listening to heavy music.” Verbicide noted that Moab “manage to take the classic sounds of ’70s hard rock and update them for the present.”

Scion AV Presents Billow track listing

  1. Said It Would
  2. I Concede
  3. Whittled Away
  4. No Soul
  5. Burn Maria
  6. Nothing Escapes
  7. Made To Wait
  8. Under All
  9. The Softest Bait

Moab recently played Scion Audio Visual’s Rock Fest. In an interview with the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, singer/guitar player Andrew Giacumakis discussed the band’s relationship with Scion AV: “I think they’re ultra important to metal in this community. Scion is keeping the faith for sure by promoting these bands that mainstream media won’t pay attention to.”

Last year Moab played the first Scion Rock Show in L.A. and last month performed at the 2014 edition of Scion Rock Fest. They also contributed “No Soul” to the Scion Rock Show 7-inch series, which is still available.

Now that you’ve heard them, watch Moab get interviewed by pro skater Sal Barbier.

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  1. […] For their equally excellent follow up Billow, they have chosen this route to release it as a free download on the Scion AV site, with vinyl and CD versions coming very […]

  2. […] Moab – Billow (Scion AV) Man, I overlooked these guys when they first came up in ’09-’11 because Andrew Giacumakis’s sounded too Ozzy derivative. That’s been corrected big time, as now he stays mostly in an ethereal falsetto range that really works. Stoner/doom may be the closest descriptor, but they do some really unique stuff with textures, structures, rhythms. They don’t really sound like anyone else, maybe because Giacumakis, who produced and engineered and mixed Billow, Ab Ovo (Kemado, 2011) and Fu Manchu’s recent Gigantoid, spent years in indie rock bands. It took him a while to find his tribe, fellow travelers who shared his appreciation for the likes of Pentagram, Sleep, Dozer, Floor and Witchcraft.  Once he did, his diverse experiences contributed to a refreshingly unique twist on traditional doom. For example, “Nothing Escapes” starts with some delicate but slightly detuned guitar that has more in common with 90s indie band Polvo than Sabbath. A couple changes later and the song evolves into a psychedelic masterpiece that Josh Homme would envy. Every song is strong and worthy of its own description and story. But not by me, I gotta get some sleep! Those who like what Pallbearer and 40 Watt Sun have done with doom should appreciate, or even LURVE it. L.A., whoda thunk? Kudos to Scion AV (the company behind the Scion Rock Fests) for choosing this band for their first full-length release, and offering a free download! This is so good I’ll happily plunk down cash for the CD when it’s available. | Free! […]

  3. […] « Billow » peut être téléchargé à cette adresse. […]

  4. […] Moab – Billow (Scion AV) This SoCal trio is back with their follow up to one of my 2011 year-end favorites, Ab Ovo, and I was on board from the first few notes of Billow. It continues the spiritual classic rock vibe, but really it comes down to the low-end guitar and high-pitched vocals, which have only gotten better with time. The melancholy “No Soul” just oozes SOUL METAL. Free album stream & download from Scion AV. […]

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    Download Moab “Billow” Full LP, New Release from Scion AV