Lessons Learned: Lecherous Gaze, Scion AV Journal Vol. 3

Lecherous Gaze and Hot Lunch - Scion Rock Show

As told to: Miles Raymer (from Scion AV Journal Vol. 3)

Lecherous Gaze is a psychedelic punk band from Oakland California. Guitarist Graham Clise discusses the most important things the group learned when they started.

Three out of the four of us used to be in a band together before this one and it broke up. We were around for around ten years but one of the other guys was just over it. What we did was find a new singer and basically started a new band. We did a record with him and a Euro tour and some touring in the States, then it didn’t work out so we got a new, new singer—the guy we have now, Zaryan—and that’s just been how it is.

Having a clean slate was important. We didn’t want to put out the same record over and over again. If you do a band for so long you kinda get stuck in a formula, and it was cool to get out of it a little bit. It’s cool because we’re all really good friends. I’ve known the singer we have now since we were kids. I’ve always looked up to him as a songwriter, and he was in this other really cool band and they were slowing down a little. It worked out perfectly.

This band Danava offered us a tour opening for them, and in the first year we were hitting Europe and the East Coast. It was pretty cool how quick it went. We immediately put out a record. We just like playing gigs so we’ll just go for whatever.

Lecherous Gaze recently performed at the Scion Rock Show in Los Angeles. They recorded the song “Dog” for the Scion Rock Show 7-inch series, which you can download for free.

Watch the band get interviewed by pro skater Sal Barbier for the Scion AV All-Purpose Show.

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