Steve Aoki “Mementos” Video Recap, Scion AV Installation

Steve Aoki met up with Scion AV All Purpose Show correspondent Slick Rick Rivera to talk about “Mementos,” his show at the Scion AV Installation space in Los Angeles, CA. “Mementos” showcased 10 years of fan-made artwork that Aoki has received over the years, from huge paintings to plush toys to simple but heartfelt drawings. Aoki told Rivera how the exhibit came together and the stories behind some of the pieces on display. He also show him the original Steve Aoki-inspired piece by Dev N Gosha, plus the limited edition prints and towel reproductions of it, all sales of which went to the Steve Aoki Charitable Fund.

Steve Aoki "Mementos" Photos at Scion AV Installation

Steve Aoki "Mementos" at Scion AV Installation

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