Cody McElroy of Dirty Needle Embroidery

On June 21, 2014, Scion AV Installation in Los Angeles will host the opening of “Sewn to the Bone,” put together by Cody McElroy. Be sure to RSVP now at

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McElroy, AKA Dirty Needle Embroidery, is a multifaceted artist who comes from a strong rock & roll background with a heavy emphasis on motorcycle culture. Less than a year ago, McElroy started playing with thread as a medium, in order to revive the lost art of handmade patches, as well as saving up money for his wife Tierra’s kidney transplant.

McElroy’s main goal is to inspire people to be creative and push the artist within to stay challenged and pay homage to the lost crafts. The fashion-obsessed 29-year-old stays connected to anything that keeps him learning, such as the skateboarding world, the music world, the art world and the custom motorcycle community.

Originally from rural Nevada, McElroy now calls Reno home. The artist also notes that he is a Scorpio, is terrified of sharks and the ocean (even though they’re beautiful to look at) and considers all facets of his life as pure and simple art.

Cody McElroy of Dirty Needle Embroidery

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