RSVP to Cody McElroy “Sewn to the Bone” Embroidery Showcase

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Cody McElroy "Sewn to the Bone" at Scion AV Installation

Scion AV proudly presents “Sewn to the Bone,” featuring single-needle, free motion embroidery, jewelry and utilitarian artwork inspired by rock n’ roll and motorcycle culture. RSVP registration below. Multi-faceted artist Cody McElroy, aiming to revive crafting hand-made patches through his Dirty Needle Embroidery, painstakingly creates intricate, one-of-a-kind pieces reminiscent of tattoo art utilizing a single-needle sewing machine and his imagination.  Busch and Busch, Cobra Cult, Tuesday Weathervane, Honey Fox and Red Clouds Collective will join McElroy while showcasing and offering handmade jewelry, leather goods and other art pieces.

Sewn to the Bone” runs June 21-July 13 with an opening reception Saturday, June 21 at 7 pm at the Scion AV Installation located at 7667 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046.

Originally from rural Nevada, the Reno-based McElroy aims to inspire creativity, push the artist within to stay challenged and pay homage to the lost craft. McElroy started playing with thread as a medium to challenge the norm of mass-produced embroidery, as well as to raise money for his wife Tierra’s kidney transplant.  The 29-year-old stays connected to anything that keeps him learning including the worlds of skateboarding, music, art and custom motorcycles.

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