Download New Tracks From King Buzzo and Tweak Bird, Scion Rock Show

King Buzzo and Tweak Bird at Scion Rock Show

The new Scion Rock Show 7-inch featuring King Buzzo of the Melvins and Tweak Bird is now available for streaming and free download. Each side takes an unpredictable approach to making heavy music.

On “The Hesitation Twist,” King Buzzo proves that acoustic guitar playing doesn’t have to be soft as transmits the raw strangeness of his mother band into an unplugged setting. Tweak Bird’s “Upside Down Frankenstein” is a lurching, crunchy tribute to a dance craze that we hope terrorizes the country this coming summer.

Check out photos from when King Buzzo and Tweak Bird played the Scion Rock Show in Los Angeles earlier this year.

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