King Buzzo and Tweak Bird Interview by Sal Barbier, Scion Rock Show

King Buzzo of the Melvins and Tweak Bird spoke with Sal Barbier before they played the Scion Rock Show at the Satellite in Los Angeles. In this extended interview, Buzzo explains what it’s like to bring his living room into the club for his first solo acoustic show. He also goes back into the story vault to tell the tale of when Gene Simmons joined the Melvins on stage when they were opening for Primus. Later, brothers Ashton and Caleb of Tweak Bird discuss the differences in their musical tastes (it turns out it’s more a matter of quantity), before getting into how being a listener is different now from when they were growing up. Make sure to check out the photos from the Scion Rock Show acoustic performance.

Also, just released yesterday is a brand new track “The Hesitation Twist” by King Buzzo from the Scion Rock Show series. This is available for stream and download now so make sure to take a listen if you haven’t yet.

Watch the full episode of the Scion AV All Purpose Show with Bodega Bamz, Tree, Steve Aoki, IAMSU and more by scrolling through the playlist above!

King Buzzo and Tweak Bird Interview - Scion AV

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