King Buzzo “The Hesitation Twist” Download from Scion Rock Show

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King Buzzo and Tweak Bird at Scion Rock Show

King Buzzo of the Melvins has recently embarked on an acoustic adventure, playing his first-ever series of solo shows (including his debut at the Scion Rock Show in Los Angeles) and releasing the limited edition This Machine Kills Artist 10-inch. Buzzo has a full acoustic album coming on June 3, but to help get you prepped, he recorded the song “The Hesitation Wind” for the Scion Rock Show 7-inch series. This is music history 30 years of in the making, people!

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“The Hesitation Twist” is available to stream now and soon you’ll be able to download it for free, along with its B-side from Melvins compatriots Tweak Bird.

Also, Buzzo is on the lineup for this year’s Scion Rock Fest in Pomona, California.

Watch The Melvins interview from Scion Rock Fest 2013 in Memphis, TN.

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