Steve Aoki, Bodega Bamz, King Buzzo Interview on Scion All Purpose Show

The new episode of Scion AV All Purpose show features appearances by Bodega Bamz, Tree, Buzz Osborne of the Melvins, Iamsu!, Steve Aoki and more. As always, host Prince Paul and the Ill Out Crew give the rundown on what’s been going on in the world of Scion AV.

Bodega Bamz starts things off with an interview with Prince Paul about how he learned how to become a rapper who isn’t doo-doo. Then Tree explains what makes him different from the other Chicago MCs and the story behind his recent free release on Scion AV.

Bodega Bamz on Scion All Purpose Show

Sal Barbier hits the Satellite in Los Angeles before the Scion Rock Show to talk to Buzz Osborne, or King Buzzo if we’re using formal titles, in the hours proceeding his first ever solo show. It turns out it’s a no pressure situation if you think about it like you’re playing your living room and if no one had to pay to come! Then Barbier talks to Tweak Bird, and the duo let him know about their heavy dad rock foundations.

The Melvins on Scion All Purpose Show

For the My iQ segment, Levi Maestro quizzes Alexa Outerbridge of Outerbridge Jewelry about metal (as in the compound, not the music genre). Later the two hit the Silver Lake Reservoir for an introductory yoga lesson.

Prince Paul takes a fieldtrip to the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn before the Scion Open Mic event to speak with Bay Area rapper Iamsu!. Then Iamsu! makes Paul feel old.

Finally, Slick Rick Rivera catches up with Steve Aoki at “Mementos,” his show at the Scion AV Installation space in Los Angeles. Aoki explains that while in the process of moving, he realized how much great fan art he’s accumulated over the past decade and decided to showcase it in an exhibition. Great idea, dude!

Steve Aoki "Mementos" on Scion All Purpose Show

Be on the look out for full-length interviews with all of this episode’s guests in the coming weeks.

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