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In 2013, Inner State Gallery quickly proved itself to be one of the most vital forces in Detroit’s contemporary art scene. It’s located in a 100 years old building in the city’s Eastern Market area, amidst one of the biggest outdoors farmers markets in the country, Though only open for less than a year, Inner State has already featured exhibitions including Ben Frost and Denial’s mass culture assault “Company of Thieves,” Nychos pop surrealism showcase “I’d Like to Meat You” and street art lifer Cope2’s retrospective “Versatile.”

Inner State’s history goes back to a small gallery called 323East that Dan Armand and Jesse Cory opened in the Royal Oak suburb in 2008. But things really started taking off in 2010 when they opened 1xRun, a website that sells limited edition prints. They now issue five new editions a week, which means that they have been able work with hundreds of artists. The success of 1xRun also allowed them (and made it necessary) to buy the new building. This three-story site houses the gallery, a print space and an artist residence space.

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Though they moved operations in January, Inner State’s premier show wasn’t until May 2013. They debuted with Glenn Barr’s “Rooms,” featuring the paintings of the Detroit art mainstay.

Armand says that Inner State tends to focus on the talent in city, but they’re not solely interested in locals. Still, he does believe that modern Detroit is particularly hospitable to the creative class. “Artists flock to places like this, where you can live really cheap,” he says. “That’s not to say it’s easy. There are a lot of challenges to living in a city like this, but it has exploded in the past five years and it keeps going. Artists are kind of taking over the city right now.” 

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