DJ Joonie C on Rob Swift’s Dope on Plastic, Scion Streaming Radio

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DJ Rob Swift on Dope on Plastic - Scion Streaming Radio

Rob Swift has DJ Joonie C as his guest on this month’s session of Dope on Plastic for Scion Streaming Radio. This is the third visit for Joonie C, “The Turntable Trucker” who keeps his setup in his 18-wheeler.

Swift of course has been part of the Scion Streaming Radio team for years. The legendary DJ joined the groundbreaking turntablist crew the X-Men, aka X-ecutioners, in 1991 and has worked continuously to advance the use of turntables as instruments. As part of the group and as a solo act, he has collaborated with artists including Herbie Hancock, Bob James, Linkin Park, Mike Patton, Blue Man Group, Dan the Automator, Fat Joe and Cypress Hill. He has appeared on Sesame Street and in 2012 joined “UNITE,” the late night sports entertainment show on ESPNU, as the resident DJ.

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