8 Fashionable Necklaces and Accessories from Scion AV Installation

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Sometimes that unexpected item of jewelry or accessory is what you need to set off your look or to keep those you love sparkling. We’ve chosen a few pieces now available at Scion AV Installation for you and the people in your life. Below are 8 fashionable necklaces, keychains, friendship bracelets and rings that are now available.

Scion AV Installation has hosted various art exhibits and retail experiences, including those put together by SSUR, Hood By Air, Jermaine Rogers, Vol. 4, Nik Dudukovic and, most recently, Steve Aoki. Right now the gallery space is dedicated to a collection of jewelry, clothing, books, figurine collectibles and accessories. You can check them out here or by visiting the Scion AV Installation space in Los Angeles.

Grey and Blue Nylon Bracelet

Grey and Blue Nylon Bracelet - Scion AV Installation

Leather Key Chain

Leather Key Chain - Scion AV Installation

Fencing Mask Necklace

Fencing Mask Necklace - Scion AV Installation

Gold Key Chain

Gold Key Chain - Scion AV Installation

Crescent Clay Necklace

Crescent Clay Necklace - Scion AV Installation

Friendship Bracelet

Friendship Bracelet - Scion AV Installation

Shards Ring

Shards Ring - Scion AV Installation

Black Beaded Necklace

Black Beaded Necklace - Scion AV Installation

For product inquiries and purchases please call Scion AV Installation at (323) 272-4266 or visit us at 7667 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046.

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