Ty Dolla Sign, Vic Mensa, Weedeater and Kenny Hoyle on Scion AV All Purpose Show

Here comes another episode of the Scion AV All-Purpose Show, this time featuring Ty Dolla Sign, Vic Mensa, Deniro Farrar, Weedeater, Pins of Light, Kenny Hoyle, Problem and Nik Dudokovic. You can count on host Prince Paul and the Ill Out Crew to let you know what’s been happening in the world of Scion AV.

First up, a triple-header of hip-hop artists who come by the studio to talk to Prince Paul. A very live Ty Dolla Sign lets him know that he not only sings, raps and produces, but he also plays the instruments on his tracks himself—except for anything brass. Then Vic Mensa details the hip-hop hazard of getting approached more by dudes than girls. Finally Deniro Farrar talks about how he found his sound, telling Paul, “If the music sounds dark, than my life’s dark.”

Next Sal Barbier meets with the bands at the Scion Rock Show. Weedeather gets expectedly weird and Pins of Light talk about listening to podcasts about Bitcoins in the van, which we guess is pretty weird, too.

For the My iQ segment, Levi Maestro heads down to San Diego to play a game of SKATE with Kenny Hoyle.

Prince Paul then goes onsite to the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn to speak with Compton rapper Problem before his performance at Scion Open Mic, getting the info on who he likes to work with.

Finally, Slick Rick Rivera journeys to the Scion AV Installation space in Los Angeles to speak with Nik Dudokovic and learn all about his exhibit “The Secret Clubhouse.” Broken fingers are discussed.

Be on the look out for full-length interviews with all of this episode’s guests in the coming weeks!

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