The Gates of Slumber Bassist Jason McCash Dead at 37

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Jason McCash - Gates of Slumber

Last week we were saddened learned about the death of Jason McCash, the bass player from Gates of Slumber. We were informed by Burn It Down member Ryan Downey that The Gates of Slumber will no longer resume. A memorial fund has been set up for his wife and three young children.

Most sites reported that Jason had recently left TGOS, or referred to him as ex-TGOS. Truth be told, Jason’s departure actually ended the band. Karl dissolved it just a couple of days later. Karl wasn’t going to do it without Jason. -Ryan Downey

Scion AV was fortunate to work on several projects with McCash, including Gates of Slumber’s free Stormcrow EP and an appearance at Scion Rock Fest in 2013.

RIP Jason McCash.

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